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OSU-Cascades leader confident rough seas will ease, KTVZ, October 30

OSU-Cascades adopts housing policies, The Bulletin, October 24

Region asks for $2 million to support OSU-Cascades, The Bulletin, October 21

Bend again OK's Westside campus; appeal expected, October 16

City approves OSU-Cascades site, The Bulletin, September 30

Bend OKs OSU-Cascades campus: What's next? KTVZ, September 30

Bend City Council Approves OSU-Cascades Site Plan with Conditions, The Source Weekly, September 29

Where should we put OSU-Cascades? Candidates for Bend City Council state their opinions, The Bulletin, September 21

Hearing Officer Approves OSU-Cascades Site Plan, The Source Weekly, September 2

OSU-Cascades campus approved, The Bulletin, September 2

OSU-Cascades gets good news on pumice mine, The Bulletin, August 1

OSU-Cascades responds to critics, The Bulletin, July 18

Supporting OSU-Cascades, The Bulletin, July 8

OSU-Cascades seeks input from businesses, The Bulletin, July 4

OSU-Cascades hearing begins, The Bulletin, Jun 11

OSU-Cascades plans for housing, The Bulletin, Jun 19

Losing OSU-Cascades, The Bulletin, June 8

Don't let small groups derail campus and its many benefits, The Bulletin, June 3

University contributions go beyond the classroom, The Bulletin, May 27

OSU-Cascades: Creating a Sustainable Transportation Vision for Central Oregon, Cascade Business News, May 22

OSU-Cascades: Fact or Fiction, KTVZ, May 19

OSU-Cascades: Weighing Westside pros, cons, KTVZ, May 19

Students, residents say Westside location is best fit, KTVZ, May 5

OSU-Cascades campus delayed; Programming for underclassmen remains on track, The Bulletin, April 29

OSU-Cascades: Fall 2015 campus goal unlikely, KTVZ, April 28

OSU-Cascades campus could grow even more, The Bulletin, April 25

OSU-Cascades designs students' first two years, The Bulletin, April 13

Citizen group's challenge to OSU-Cascades a bit too quick on the litigious trigger, The Source Weekly, April 9

Bend campus parking plans spark debate, KTVZ, April 7

OSU-Cascades faces the future of parking, The Bulletin, April 6

OSU-Cascades showcases stewardship on new site, The Bulletin, April 5

Embrace the Development of a University Campus, Cascade Business News, April 3

Oregon State president Ed Ray says site of Bend campus is settled, The Associated Press, April 3

Could OSU-Cascades bring international students to Bend?, The Bulletin, March 28 

Bend will hand OSU-Cascades site plan to hearings officer, The Bulletin, March 28

How to keep OSU-Cascades students near campus, The Bulletin, March 26

"Truth in Site Coalition" speaks up against OSU-Cascades 4-year westside location, The Source Weekly, March 21

OSU-Cascades Site Selection, The Bulletin, March 17

OSU-Cascades proposal ready for Bend planners, The Bulletin, March 14

Citizens offer ideas for Bend Campus, The Bulletin, March 14

Oregon Legislature Approves $5.5 Million for OSU-Cascades, OPB, March 7

C.O. Lawmakers reflect on session's ups, downs, KTVZ, March 7

OSU-Cascades Expansion Public Meetings, Cascade Business News, March 6

A first look at OSU's Bend campus, The Bulletin, Feb. 28

Some residents worry Westside traffic crunch will get worse, KTVZ, Feb. 28

Bend studying west side traffic needs, The Bulletin, Feb. 26

OSU-Cascades finalizes land purchase, The Bulletin, Feb. 14

Glass Slipper, Half-Full, The Source Weekly, Feb. 6

OSU Surpasses Fundraising Goal for New Central Oregon Campus, OPB, Feb. 5

OSU-Cascades tops $4 million fundraising goal, KTVZ, Feb. 5

OSU-Cascades close to finalizing deal, University hopes to purchase 10-acre site soon, The Bulletin, Feb. 5

OSU-Cascades plans public meetings on site plan, KTVZ, Feb 3

City and OSU sign agreement, The Bulletin, Jan. 30

Wrench in OSU-Cascades expansion plans, COCC needs state funds to pay off OSU-Cascades building, The Bulletin, Jan. 30

Don't Just Stand There, Bus A Move: Transportation is one of the Biggest issues facing OSU-Cascades expansion, The Source Weekly, Jan. 29

Bend commission to plan for OSU, The Bulletin, Jan. 25

OSU-Cascades looks to other campuses for advice, KTVZ, Jan. 9

Deschutes County, OSU-Cascades eye land swap, The Bulletin, Jan. 7

Editorial: Reasons for west-side campus site are clear and convincing, The Bulletin, Jan. 5

Soft Soils at OSU-Cascades site may not be a problem, The Bulletin, Jan. 3

OSU faces question on site selection, The Bulletin, Jan. 2

OSU-Cascades report suggests stormwater management issues, The Bulletin, Jan. 1


Planning commission: City should prepare for off-campus issues, The Bulletin, Dec. 27

OSU-Cascades plans to minimize traffic, The Bulletin, Dec. 16

OSU-Cascades reveals designs for Bend Campus, The Bulletin, Dec. 13

OSU-Cascades hosts open house, KTVZ, Dec. 12

Bend, OSU-Cascades join "Town-Gown" Assn., KTVZ, Dec. 4

Bend campus site gets the drill, The Bulletin, Dec. 3

Drilling planned on new OSU-Cascades site, KTVZ, Nov. 27

OSU-Cascades expansion survey gathers input from students, The Broadside, Nov. 26

OSU-Cascades hires expansion project manager, KTVZ, Nov. 25

2015 will be a busy school-building year, The Bulletin, Nov. 5

Where the jobs are in Central Oregon, The Bulletin, Nov 3

Letter to the Editor: OSU at Juniper Ridge makes more sense, The Bulletin, Oct 30

Landfill might give excess rock to OSU, The Bulletin, Oct. 22

Campus needs city/student balance, The Bulletin, Oct. 18

City Club speaker looks at Bend's coming campus, KTVZ, Oct. 17

Zoning could explain OSU site value, The Bulletin, Oct. 16

Sizing up OSU's evolving vision, The Bulletin, Oct 12

New ideas make Bend Better, The Bulletin, Oct 10

Editorial: OSU-Cascades won't ruin Bend, The Bulletin, Oct. 2

OSU-Cascades gets 56-acre project approved, The Daily Barometer, Oct 1

Editorial: OSU expansion can help reverse wage trend, The Bulletin, Sept. 25

As OSU-Cascades grows, what about COCC?, KTVZ, Sept. 23

OSU-Cascades campus to have a big Westside impact, KTVZ, Sept. 17

West Bend Acres for Cascades, The Bulletin, Sept 14

OSU Inks Deal to Acquire Land for New Campus in Bend
, OPB, Sept. 13

OSU-Cascades plans 4-year campus on Bend's Westside, KTVZ, Sept 13

Oregon State University - Cascades to seek approval for Bend campus location, Sept 12

Legislature approves $16 million for new OSU campus in Bend, OPB, July 9

OSU-Cascades secures $16 million from lawmakers, KTVZ, July 8

Oregon State Legislature approves capital request for campus for OSU-Cascades, July 8

OSU Pres. Ed Ray challenges you to support OSU-Cascades, Portland Business Journal, May 14

OSU President Ed ray visits Bend, KTVZ.com, May 13

Challenge grant could bring $500,000 for 4-year expansion, KTVZ.com, May 13

Officials link OSU-Cascades expansion, tourism, Register Guard, April 22

OSU-Cascades forms Campus Expansion Advisory Committee, April 1

Kitzhaber tours OSU-Cascades, KTVZ.com, March 20

OSU-Cascades hires firm to study real estate options, Portland Business Journal, February 7

OSU-Cascades applauds gov's $16 million pitch, KTVZ, February 6

Walden talks 4-year expansion at OSU-Cascades, KTVZ, January 25,


Kitzhaber touts ed-friendly budget, The Bulletin, December. 1

OSU-Cascades is in governor’s budget, The Bulletin, November 23

Higher Desert Education, Central Oregon Magazine, October 15

OSU-Cascades expansion gets $1 million boost, KTVZ, September. 26

State board Oks OSU-Cascades' 4-year expansion, KTVZ, August 3

Kitzhaber Voices Support For OSU-Cascades, Oregon Public Broadcasting, July 17

OSU-Cascades Secures $1.5M+ for Proposed Expansion, Life@OSU, July 3

Oregon State University wants to make Bend branch campus four-year university, The Oregonian, June 1

OSU Cascades growing, looking to expand, The Daily Barometer, May 24