Exercise and Sport Science


EXSS Overview

The Exercise and Sport Science degree is a degree under the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Science in the College of Public Health and Human Science at OSU. This degree integrates two complementary applied human sciences that focus on optimal health and disease prevention through the lifestyle factors of nutrition and physical activity.  Exercise and Sport Science (EXSS) focuses on the application of the biological, physical, social and behavioral science in the study of physical activity and sport, and their effects on the health, fitness and quality of life of people of all ages and abilities. 

Applied Exercise and Sport Science Option

This option allows students to individualize their Exercise and Sport Science program of study to prepare for a variety of professional goals such as medical school, graduate and professional programs, adult fitness, sport business, athletics, youth programs, and leadership of non-school sports programs for people of all ages. It is designed to prepare students for specific career goals.

Degree Requirements

EXSS Applied Exercise and Sport Science Option Checklist (PDF)

Practicum & Internship

Course Descriptions

Students should work closely with their academic advisor to ensure students are taking the correct courses early in their Academic Plan and to choose the correct supporting courses based on their ultimate career goals.



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Exercise and Sport Science Faculty

pollard-exssChristine D. Pollard, Ph.D., P.T., Associate Professor

Kara Witzke, Ph.D., Instructor and Program Lead