Pre-Designed Liberal Studies Themes

Predesigned themes are created to assist students in choosing courses toward a focus theme.  Students may consider substituting courses in their theme of choice by connecting with their Academic Advisor.  Students may choose to create their own, unique theme and not to follow a pre-designed them for their Plan of Study.

Communication, Identity and Place

This theme addresses the role of communication in constructing and enacting identity as related to place--social, cultural and environmental place. Students pursuing this theme can expect to learn about the relationships among three important forces individuals engage in their daily experiences, namely communication, identity and our sense of place. In so doing, students can expect to build communication, analytical and critical thinking skills that facilitate their lived experiences whether their passion is local community, intercultural contexts or environmental and natural spaces. Graduates choosing this theme will be well-prepared to either enter their chosen career path or apply for graduate school in Communication and related programs.


Law and Politics

Gender and Politics