Liberal Studies Pre-Education Option

The Liberal Studies major is a great fit for students who intend to pursue a teacher licensure program in the early or elementary education fields. Liberal Studies majors at OSU-Cascades can choose to have "No-Option" of study or choose the "Pre-Education Option".  Either option works well with education.  To help determine which path is best for you work with your academic advisor.

Liberal Studies Pre-Education Option:

OSU-Cascades offers the Pre-Education Option within the Liberal Studies major. Students who choose this option have a transcript-visible pre-education notation on their undergraduate transcript, while also taking coursework to cover the various subject matter competencies typically needed by students entering elementary teacher licensure programs.

A few important notes if you are considering this degree:

  • Liberal Studies Pre-Education is not a teacher licensure program. Students wishing to become teachers will still need to complete a licensure program, such as the OSU-Cascades Master of Art in Teaching (MAT).
  • Students can choose a major in any area for entrance into the OSU-Cascades MAT.
  • Every teacher licensure program has different admission requirements and prerequisite classes, so make sure that you are planning ahead and that this degree will work for your eventual graduate work. Completing the Liberal Studies Pre-Education degree does not guarantee acceptance into any teacher licensure program, including the OSU-Cascades MAT.

Components of this degree include:

Pre-Education Option Core

College of Liberal Arts Core

Liberal Studies Plan of Study/Major

The Liberal Studies major consists of at least 45 credits that are thematic in nature and includes at least 27 upper-division (300 and 400 level classes) developed from the course offerings of two or more departments within the College of Liberal Arts. Students can choose to complete one of OSU-Cascades' pre-designed themes or develop their own theme. Either way, the plan of study must be approved in advance by a Liberal Studies faculty advisor. More information on this process.

Students should consider incorporating classroom observation as a part of their Plan of Study. Please see the following website for additional information on this independent study course:

LS 406: Classroom Experience


Advising Tools:

Liberal Studies Pre-Education Option Advising Guide/Checklist

OSU-Cascades MAT (Masters of Art in Teaching) Elementary Education program requirements

LS 406: Classroom Experience

Liberal Studies Homepage