Natural Resources


If you are interested in a broad-based approach to natural resources and a career dealing with resource ecology, land use, water resources, environmental policy, resource technology, natural resource education and related endeavors, this degree program may be for you.

We rely on earth's natural resources for our daily needs. Yet nature's interactions are complex and human activities make them even more so. As the earth's population increases, the added concern of the sustainability of these resources becomes very real. An OSU-Cascades degree in Natural Resources gives graduates a working knowledge of a broad span of natural resources, their diversity and interdependence, and the critical relationships between humans and their natural environment.

Program Overview

The home of the Natural Resources program is OSU's College of Forestry

Natural Resources: Specialty Options in Conservation Technology


The B.S. in Natural Resources is an interdisciplinary program blending science, management and policy. Students receive a Bachelor of Science after taking courses that include ecology, fish and wildlife, watershed management, habitat restoration, environmental ethics and law, sociology, and resource policy. While taking courses across the spectrum of natural resource areas, students can specialize in one of the following:

Natural Resources Faculty

ron-reuter Ron Reuter, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Natural Resources

matt-shinderman Matt Shinderman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Natural Resources

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