Political Science

political science

OSU-Cascades offers an undergraduate minor in Political Science

The Department of Political Science in the College of Liberal Arts offers course work leading to a political science major in several fields including: American politics, public policy, public law, public administration, political theory, state and local government, international relations, and comparative politics (for example, Asian Politics, Latin America, Western Europe, countries of the former Soviet Union). 

Either directly, or after graduate study, political science graduates pursue degrees in law, foreign service, public management (all levels of government), policy analysis, international organizations, journalism, university teaching, research, political office and -- as with many other liberal arts graduates -- in business.

Additional Information

  • To declare a Political Science Minor students should contact their OSU-Cascades Academic Advisor.

Political Science Faculty

jim-fosterJim Foster, Professor of Political Science


OSU-Cascades Information Office (admissions, financial aid, registration), 541-322-3100, Email

Jim Foster, Professor of Political Science/Faculty Advisor, Email 541-322-3147.