The Process of New Student Orientation and Advising

Step 1: Admissions

Apply to OSU-Cascades

Step 2: Orientation

You will be notified by mail of your acceptance to OSU-Cascades. After you receive this letter, please call 541-322-3100 to register for orientation. We generally offer two orientation sessions each term, with additional sessions during the summer months.

Please note the following about Orientation:

    • Orientation is required. We understand that it may mean taking time off work to participate, but we feel that it is an important part of your committment to be a student at OSU-Cascades. By understanding OSU-Cascades policies, deadlines, and requirements, students who have been through Orientation experience much less stress in later terms. A half day of your time now will save you time down the road.
    • When you call, you will be asked for your OSU and COCC ID numbers. You will also be asked for your contact and major information. Be sure to have this handy when you call us.
    • Admitted OSU-Cascades students will also be taking classes at COCC, but are not required to attend the COCC Orientation.

If you are a freshman (or a transfer student who has never taken math or writing), you must take a placement exam at COCC to assess your math and writing levels. For more information on this process, see COCC Placement Exams. Your placement exam should be taken prior to orientation.

Step 3: Academic Advising

During orientation, you will meet with your assigned faculty, peer, or professional advisor depending upon your academic program. You advisor will help you choose appropriate courses to meet your educational goals, and will also serve as an important resource to you as you navigate through the college system.

When you meet with your advisor, you will be given your OSU PIN number for registration into OSU classes. If you will be registering into COCC classes, be sure to also have your advisor clear an advising hold at COCC.

See Advising for additional information on the advising process at OSU-Cascades, as well as helpful links to forms, advising guides, and transfer credit information.

Step 4: Registration

You are now ready to register for courses. This can be done immediately following Orientation where staff will be present to answer questions, or at your own pace at another time.