Chris Hagen

Assistant Professor, Energy Systems Engineering

CAS 105B

Chris Hagen

Dr. Chris Hagen

Assistant Professor
Energy Systems Engineering


Chris Hagen is an assistant professor in the Energy Systems Engineering program. Dr. Hagen is interested in energy systems, advanced internal combustion engines, unconventional fuels, applied thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. Unconventional fuels; for example, biomass, tailored liquid hydrocarbons, shale gas, and renewable jet fuel; are integral to a future clean domestic energy portfolio.

Dr. Hagen joins OSU-Cascades from Colorado State University where he was an assistant research professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Prior to joining the faculty at CSU, he was a Lead Research Engineer at the Chevron Energy Technology Company where he investigated novel fuels for advanced internal combustion engines. His previous industry experience also includes working as an Application Engineer for Woodward, Inc., a global energy system solution provider.

Q & A with Dr. Hagen about his $700,000 grant from the Department of Energy to lead a major research initiative on new technology for a vehicle-based natural gas refueling system.

ARPA- E (The Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy): OSU Gas-Compressing Engine

Research Interests

  •     Energy conversion, primarily combustion
  •     Novel transportation fuels
  •     Development of sensors for harsh environments


  •     Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering (Minor: Control Systems), University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2006
  •     M.S., Mechanical Engineering (Emphasis: Energy Conversion), Colorado State University, 2002
  •     B.S., Mechanical Engineering (Minor: Manufacturing Management), Valparaiso University, 1997



Curriculum Vitae (PDF)