Elizabeth Daniels

Assistant Professor, Psychology

CAS 206


Dr. Elizabeth Daniels

Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Daniels is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Oregon State University - Cascades.

In her research program, Dr. Daniels focuses on gender, media, body image, and positive youth development.  Her research centers on identifying positive influences on girls’ and young women’s development including media and activity contexts.

Dr. Daniels is currently an Associate Editor for Sex Roles: A Journal of Research and is a contributing editor for Psychology Women Quarterly.  In addition, she is an ad hoc reviewer for numerous journals and conducts peer reviews for national research conferences.

Dr. Daniels teaches a range of courses in developmental science and gender issues as well as foundational courses in psychology including Child Development, Adolescent Development, Psychology of Gender, and Research Methods.  

Selected Publications

Selected Chapters

Selected Presentations and Invited Addresses

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Selected Publications

* = Undergraduate co-author

Schooler, D., & Daniels, E. A. (2013). "I am not a skinny toothpick and proud of it:" Latina adolescents’ ethnic identity and responses to mainstream media images. Body Image.  Advanced online copy available at 10.1016/j.bodyim.2013.09.001

Daniels, E. A. (2012).  "Sexy versus strong: What girls and women think of female athletes."

Daniels, E.A., & *Wartena, H. (2011).  "Athlete or sex symbol: What boys and men think of
media representations of female athletes."

Daniels, E.A. (2009). "Sex objects, athletes, and sexy athletes: How media representations of women athletes can impact adolescent girls and young women." Journal of Adolescent Research, 24, 399-422.  doi: 10.1177/0743558409336748 (Most downloaded article of those published in JAR in 2009 and 2010)

Daniels, E.A. (2009). "The invisibility of women athletes in magazines for teen girls", Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, 18, 14-24.

Daniels, E., & Leaper, C. (2006). "The relationship between sport participation and global self-esteem among adolescents." Sex Roles, 55, 875-880.  

Daniels, E., Sincharoen, S., & Leaper, C. (2005). "The relation between sport orientations and athletic identity among boy and girl athletes." Journal of Sport Behavior, 28, 315-332.

Selected Chapters

Daniels, E. A. & Gillen, M. M. (in press). "Identity and body image: A call for new research." In K. McLean & M. Syed (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Identity Development. Oxford University Press.

Daniels, E. A., & LaVoi, N. M. (2013). "Athletics as solution and problem: Sports participation for girls and the sexualization of women athletes." In E. L. Zurbriggen & T. Roberts (Eds.), The sexualization of girls and girlhood: Causes, consequences, and resistance (63-83). New York: Oxford University Press.

Frederick, D. A., Jafary, A. M., Gruys, K., & Daniels, E. A. (2012). "Surveys and the epidemiology of body image dissatisfaction." In: Thomas F. Cash (ed). Encyclopedia of body image and human appearance (p. 766-773). San Diego: Academic Press.

Daniels, E.A., & Leaper, C. (2011). "Gender issues." In B. B. Brown & M. J. Prinstein (Eds.), Encyclopedia of adolescence (Vol.1, pp. 151-159). San Diego: Academic Press. doi: 10.1016/B978-0-12-373915-5.00017-6 (The Encyclopedia is recipient of the 2011 PROSE award for the best multivolume reference in humanities or social science.)

Selected Presentations and Invited Addresses

* = Undergraduate co-author

Daniels, E. A. & Sherman, A. M. (speakers in alphabetical order). (2013, July). "Sex in play: From dolls to sports, sexualized culture affects youth." Invited speaker at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s Science Pub Lecture Series. Eugene, OR.

Daniels, E. (2012, May). "Let’s trade sexy for smart: What teens think of today’s media fare."
Invited speaker at OSU-Cascades’ Science Pub Lecture Series. Bend, OR.

Daniels. E. (2012, April). "Women in appearance-based vs. non-appearance-based professions:
Whom do teens evaluate more positively?" Poster presented at the Gender Development
Research Conference. San Francisco, CA

Daniels, E. & Zurbriggen, E. (2012, March). "Sexy vs. traditional: The price of using a sexy
Facebook profile photo." Poster presented at the Biennial Society for Research on
Adolescence Meeting, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Daniels, E. (2011, November). "Athlete or sex symbol: What boys and men think of media
representations of female athletes." Paper presented at the Tucker Center’s Girls & Women in Sport and Physical Activity Conference: Creating Change, Minneapolis, MN.

Daniels, E. (2011, June). "Sexy is all we see: How media images of women impact teens." Invited speaker at OSU-Cascades’ It’s in the Bag Lecture Series. Bend, OR.

Daniels, E., *Castaneda, M., *Collins, K., *Jones, S., & *Wartena, H. (April, 2011).  "Oprah,
Lebron, or Mom: Who do teens admire the most?" Poster presented at the Western
Psychological Association Convention, Los Angeles, CA.  

Daniels, E., *Jones, S., *Wartena, H., *Castaneda, M., & *Collins, K.  (April, 2011).  
"Accomplished vs. attractive woman: Who is a better role model?" Poster presented at
the Western Psychological Association Convention, Los Angeles, CA

Daniels, E. (2010, October). "You can score with me": What girls think of sexed-up media images
of female athletes. Invited speaker at the Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance,
Knowledge Summit, New York City, NY.

Daniels, E. (2010, April). "The sexualization of girls." Invited speaker at the Gender Development Research Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Daniels, E. (2008, December). "The importance of positive role models for girls." Invited speaker at
the Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs’ National Care and Prevention Grantee
Conference, Fairfax, VA.

Media Coverage


2013, August 13. Interview on Huffpost Live. “Sports Key to Women’s Success.

2012, December 3. Interview on myWindow with Kristi Miller.

2012, February 9. Interview on Good Morning Central Oregon.


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