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Going abroad is one of the best means of gaining the experience you need to be competitive in the job market today.

It's also a great way to see the world while expanding your academic experiences.
With study or internships abroad, you can:

  • Get OSU credit for your courses abroad
  • Your financial aid will apply toward your study abroad program
  • If you have a family, we can work with you to have them come along for the experience as well

Study Abroad
International Internships
OSU International Business Exchange Program
Opportunities for OSU-Cascades Faculty

Study Abroad

OSU-Cascades offers over 200 different study abroad programs. Students from a variety of majors, with many different interests, scatter to very distinct places across the world.


From taking theater classes in London to studying Chinese in Beijing, OSU-Cascades students gain tremendous skills and have life-changing experiences overseas. By studying abroad, you expose yourself to new people, new cultures, and new adventures while continuing your studies.

First Step towards studying abroad:

  • Search the opportunities available to you (depending on your home institution) & think about where and when you might want to go:
    OSU Students Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Make a "First Steps" appointment with Kristin Coleman, Coordinator for International Programs, 541-322-3136, email or stop by Cascades Hall room 240. She will give you all of the information on applying to programs, financial aid, and how to choose the best program for you.

International Internships

The IE3 Global Internship program is a supervised, practical, international work experience. Internships range from 10 weeks to six months for full-time work. You can earn academic credit at OSU for your internship experience, allowing you to gain valuable skills while working towards your degree. Internships are an increasingly important and integral component of a well-rounded education and an international internship is an excellent way to gain insight into a culture, an industry, and an organization. For more information go to the IE3 Global Internship website or make an appointment with Kristin Coleman at 541-322-3136, email or stop by Cascades Hall room 240.

OSU International Business Exchange Program

Bad MergEach spring term students from the OSU-Cascades Business program study in Bad Mergentheim, Germany as part of an exchange program with Berufsakademie Mosbach- University of Cooperative Education. Students take courses in international business, taught in English, while experiencing the culture of Germany.

For program details see the Junior Program Brochure on the BM website.

Final Application Deadline: October 11, 2013

Downloadable Application Form for Spring 2014

For more information on how to apply contact Kristin Coleman at 541-322-3136 or by email.

Opportunities for OSU-Cascades Faculty

Going abroad is just as beneficial for faculty as it is for students. Expand your connections globally and enhance your classroom teaching through Fulbright placements or teaching for a quarter on one of our study programs. Work with our research office to obtain grant funding for projects abroad as well. Follow the appropriate links below for information on current international resources:


Contact Kristin Coleman, Coordinator of International Programs at 541-322-3136 or email for an appointment.