International Studies (Double Degree)

Program Information

The International Degree is OSU-Cascades unique dual degree program. It allows any interested undergraduate student the opportunity to explore the international dimensions of any primary major. International Degree students complete Advanced Proficiency in a Second Language, Four additional Baccalaureate Core Courses in International Studies, an International Experience, and a Senior Thesis.

As an International Degree participant, you will earn two degrees. The first degree, the primary degree, will be your chosen major in any department on campus. The International Degree, or concurrent degree, will be in International Studies in your primary degree department.

For example, if your primary degree is a BS in Liberal Studies, then the International Degree would be a BA in International Studies in Liberal Studies.

BA in International Studies Curriculum

BA in International Double Degree Checklist 

Students will complete both their Primary Degree major requirements and the International Studies Double Degree major requirements to graduate.  See the above checklist for details about the degree at OSU-Cascades. 

It is advised that students who are interested in the International Studies Double Degree to work with their Academic Advisor early to incorporate the requirements into their Academic Plan.

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