Becoming an International Student at OSU-Cascades

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Students at OSU-Cascades earn a degree from Oregon State University. The educational experience at OSU Cascades boasts small classes taught by world-class faculty.

Applying to OSU-Cascades - admissions, English language requirements and visa information

Academic Programs - what to study at OSU-Cascades

Bend/ Central Oregon Information - find out about your new or future community

Academic Calendar - when classes begin, vacations occur, registration dealines...

Costs - financial requirements for attending OSU-Cascades

Housing and Transportation - places to stay and how to get around town

Scholarships - resources to help support your studies at OSU-Cascades

Student Life - activities and clubs available outside of the classroom

Information for Newly Admitted Students - planning for your arrival in the United States and Bend, Oregon

Reasons to study abroad

  • Learn about international perspectives and gain breadth in your studies

  • Gain experiences in different perspectives

  • Gain new professional skills

  • Improve your language skills

  • Expand your cross-cultural communication and problem-solving skills

  • Globalize your world view and prepare for work in an increasingly diverse and international workplace