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OSU-Cascades is about opportunities for Central Oregon

Since its launch in 2001 OSU-Cascades has provided upper-division and graduate coursework for students pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees, with Central Oregon Community College providing lower division coursework. About 801 junior, senior and graduate students enrolled at OSU-Cascades in fall 2012 but enrollment is projected to reach 3,000 to 5,000 students by 2025.

Developing OSU-Cascades into a four-year branch campus is essential in meeting the state educational achievement goal that says by the year 2025, 40 percent of Oregonians will have a bachelor’s degree, 40 percent will have an associate’s degree and 20 percent will have a high school degree.

The August 2012 endorsement from the Oregon State Board of Higher Education of the proposed expansion of Oregon State University leveraged historic community support in raising funds for anticipated facility needs. But, our work isn’t done.

In May, the Oregon Community Foundation issued a matching challenge grant to OSU-Cascades. The terms of that grant stipulate the following:

  • If OSU-Cascades raises $250,000 in philanthropic support by December 31, 2013, OCF will match those gifts with a $250,000 grant.
  • If, however, OSU-Cascades raises $500,000 by that same date (12/31/13), OCF will match the first $250,000 with a $250,000 grant and OSU-Cascades will be eligible for an additional $250,000 grant from OCF in 2014.

A four-year campus in Central Oregon would pave the way for a more vibrant and prosperous future for everyone who makes a home on the high desert side of the Cascades. The 4 Central Oregon campaign stands for a 4-year university, 4 the Central Oregon region:

  • 4 Education: The opportunity to earn a degree in Central Oregon.
  • 4 Prosperity: Universities, their faculty, students and alumni all drive economic growth.
  • 4 Partnerships: Degree programs produce career-ready graduates for the region's industries.
  • 4 Culture: A draw for musicians, artists, writers and international students.

Make a gift today to support 4 Central Oregon.

In addition to gifts of cash, donors can design a personal giving plan that combines the right asset with the right gift vehicle to meet their giving needs. Planned gifts include bequests, trusts, gift annuities, and other gift vehicles and can be funded with many different types of assets, including securities, real estate, CDs, and retirement assets. Contact our Gift Planning Office to learn more.

Other ways to get involved


Scholarship support allows OSU-Cascades to be accessible to students by opening doors and allowing them to focus on their education, rather than how they will pay for it. At OSU-Cascades, this support is very important, particularly to the many first-generation college students who pursue degrees here.

Program Support:

OSU-Cascades was created to address educational needs here in Central Oregon and launch rewarding careers. As we continue to grow and develop our academic programs, the support of OSU-Cascades alumni and friends is critical. Providing flexible program funding will help us continue to adapt and provide quality postsecondary education for our community.


Exceptional faculty not only teach, but they also inspire and challenge our students. This is why OSU-Cascades has made it a priority to recruit and retain outstanding professors. The creation of endowments that support professors is essential to achieving this goal, as they provide a steady source of funds.

For more information on supporting OSU-Cascades, contact Julie Hotchkiss, development officer.

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