TOL Degree Options

All TOL students complete one of the following four options.

1. Eco and Adventure Tourism (EAT) focuses on developing and managing a business related to outdoor recreation or tourism. Students will learn general business skills with a focus on recreation and tourism, including:

  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • Specific applications to recreation and tourism enterprises (e.g., business planning in commercial recreation)

Graduates of this option are well-suited for management positions in existing companies or for starting their own business.

EAT Advising Checklist - Eco and Adventure Tourism

2. International Ecotourism (IE)
focuses on the special aspects of nature-based tourism in foreign countries, as well as managing domestic recreation resources for international visitors. Students will:

  • Develop language skills
  • Use their internship for an international experience
  • Develop business skills
  • Discover broader socio-political issues in international tourism

Students who choose this option are preparing for careers as international tour guides and managers, protected-area tourism managers, and tourism policy analysts.

IE Advising Checklist - International Ecotourism

3. Adventure Leadership and Education (ALE) focuses on applying educational theory, techniques, and practice to education in and about the outdoors. Experiential education, as both a teaching and a learning technique, will be emphasized. Students will learn a range of skills relating to:

  • Education theory
  • Outdoor and adventure education
  • Adventure therapy

Graduates of this option are well-suited for jobs in experiential education, adventure therapy, outdoor schools, and university or community outdoor recreation programs.

ALE Advising Checklist - Adventure Leadership and Education

4. Recreation Management

Recreation Management focuses on the management of visitors by land management agencies. Students will learn a range of skills relating to:

  • Forest ecology and dendrology
  • Resource and environmental interpretation
  • Management and planning as related to recreation tourism and education

RM Checklist - Recreation Management


The TOL Minor

If you're an OSU-Cascades student doing a major other than TOL, you can do a TOL minor. The TOL minor checklist lists the courses required to complete the minor.

If you're an OSU student at the main campus and want to do the TOL minor, keep in mind that most of the courses in the minor are only offered at OSU-Cascades in Bend. It may be possible to substitute some courses, but you should still plan to do at least one term in Bend to complete the minor. For more info, email us.

Course Syllabi

Interested in what we teach? Check out the syllabi for a sample of our courses.

Business Administration and Natural Resource Minors Within the TOL Program

As a TOL student some of your classes can also count towards the completion of a minor in other OSU-Cascades programs. Specifically the BA and Natural Resource minors require classes that are also required by the TOL major. For more information see your TOL advisor.

Scholarship Information

We encourage our students to apply to the many and varied scholarships that are available to TOL students. Examples include: