OSU-Cascades determines space estimates for expanded campus

An expanded Oregon State University - Cascades could need between 7.5 acres for core academic facilities in 2015 to a maximum full development of 66 acres in 2025, depending on how the campus evolves. The space requirements were determined by SRG Inc., a group hired by the campus to conduct the study.

The group used three possible development models found in university campuses across the country to determine space requirements. The traditional model is an independent and self-sufficient campus distinct from the surrounding community.  The urban model is integrated into the surrounding business, retail and housing community and is dependent on partnerships with adjacent uses for many services. The third possibility is a distributed model, with several different locations throughout the city.

By integrating information provided by the campus and in discussions with faculty, staff and student groups, the final report identifies the total built space required for each programmatic component when the student population is 1300, 2750 and 4200 students. OSU-Cascades projects these enrollment numbers will be reached in 2015, 2020 and 2025 respectively.

The report details space requirements for offices, classrooms, labs, student services, athletic facilities, housing and parking.  It will be used as a guide as the campus awaits the results of its request to the Oregon State Legislature for $16 million and as real estate experts assess available buildings and land.