Practicum/Field Experience Process


1) All students interested in the Human Development and Family Sciences Program are welcome following admission to Oregon State University- Cascades Campus. We currently do not have a separate admission process into our program. You are required to meet with your assigned Academic Advisor often as you work toward your academic goals. The first step to advising is to contact Enrollment Services (541-322-3100) to sign up for New Student Orientation where you will meet with your Academic Advisor. You will review requirements for graduation and review transcripts with your Advisor at Orientation. The Academic Advisor will then work with you in choosing the most appropriate option and developing your Academic Plan.

2) Once the Academic Plan is approved and an option (Child Development or Human Services) is declared, you will meet with either Candace Brey, Child Development , or Dennis Lynn, Human Services, to forecast and plan for your required Internship courses (Internship Forecasting Meeting). During the Internship Forecasting Meeting, site options and your goals will be discussed pertaining to career objectives and related work experience.
Deadline for Child Development option Forecasting Meeting: November 15
Deadline for Human Services option Forecasting Meeting: January 31
If you miss this deadline, you will not be able to take the Internship course until the following fall.

3) Meredith Mason will contact the agency or school to see if they are receptive to having a student during the term you intend to do your Internship. Meredith will communicate outcomes of these discussions with you through your ONID email account. Important: you should not contact the site or a site representative directly until asked to do so by Meredith.

4) When the agency/school has agreed to host a student and meet with you, Meredith will email you and ask that you contact the agency/school representative to set up a pre-placement and orientation meeting within two weeks of receiving her email. PLEASE NOTE: Meredith will send only one email per placement via your ONID address asking you to contact the agency or school representative. It is your responsibility to follow up with the agency/school to make the appointment. For the meeting, please be prepared to:
a) Discuss the Internship course with the agency or school, including number of hours onsite per week.
b) Provide the agency/school with your contact number so the site supervisor can reach you as needed.

5) Immediately after this pre-placement site meeting is held, please inform Meredith of the outcome. This step is, in addition to background check results being given to Donna, needed to confirm your placement and register for your class.

6) You must obtain appropriate criminal background checks for each Internship and these background checks vary. Donna Harris, Room 213 in Cascades Hall, will advise you on the documentation process and the specific clearance necessary for each placement. PLEASE NOTE: only one email per placement will be sent via your ONID address by Donna asking you to complete and submit the paperwork to secure your background check. It is your responsibility to work with the agency or school district to apply for the background check as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that some background checks can take up to six weeks to clear. Note: class registration and the start of your Internship are contingent upon this step in the placement process.

7) Once Donna is in receipt of background check clearance documentation, she will notify Enrollment Services to request that the hold on your class registration be lifted. Once lifted, Donna will notify you of class registration availability.

8) Other OSU-Cascades-recommended procedures (and some are required by placement sites) include:
a) Updated immunizations, including Hepatitis A and B, MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella), Tetanus (DpT), and confirmation of Varicella or the immunization (i.e., Chicken Pox). All Internship students should receive the flu vaccines when available.
b) TB screening is recommended if working with high-risk populations (i.e., immigrants from