College Way Women's Collective


The College Way Women's Collective promotes education, empowerment, activism and community building for the women of COCC and OSU-Cascades. Our work is done in the spirit of inclusion, support and advocacy. We celebrate diversity and work to create a respectful community and an environment of sharing. The College Way Women's Collective strives to bring out the best in all women, academically, personally, professionally and socially

Advisor: Karen Roth /
Contact: TBA

Student Feedback

I think the two colleges really need to branch out to the students. We have a very diverse group of people attending school and by putting together a women's center it will help pull together the school community. There are little to no resources at either college as of now and what better way to help find a resource than to create one. I also believe that by starting the center other groups will begin to try and get other organizations started!
Meghan Demars, OSU-Cascades/COCC Student

I think that a women's center is important because it will help to create a sense of community among college women and the rest of the community. I also think that it is important to keep people aware of different community events and opportunities. By having a center we will be able to keep everyone up to date on events; people are more likely to follow when an initiative has already been taken.
Kija Larson, Assistant Student Director

For so many reasons I can think of. Well for one, if you come from out of town, help can be just as you enter the door, by voice from other women or by pamphlet - women like to gather and share so it would be so helpful. To use an old saying, "together we can conquer". We can learn from each other, idosyncrasies of the lay of the land (campus), info on classes to take, available profs, when in difficulty or need of help.

Ev Takla, OSU-Cascades Student