Speech Communication (Minor)


Communication (COMM) at OSU-Cascades emphasizes the study of communication in interpersonal, community, group and intercultural contexts. Students taking COMM courses can expect to learn how to use communication concepts and theories as analytical and critical thinking frameworks for exploring and understanding their everyday and unique communication experiences.

Strong writing and speaking skills are sought after in many careers.  Students earning a minor in Communication heighten aptitudes applicable to a wide variety of careers including business, public administration, social services, recreation, criminal justice, natural resources, and teaching.  Undergraduate education frequently serves as preparation for graduate and professional schools offering advanced degrees in communication, law, counseling, business administration, social work, and other social sciences.

Communication Minor Checklist
Program Learning Outcomes

Check out the College of Liberal Arts course schedule for information on what COMM courses are planned at OSU-Cascades. Work with your advisor to help plan COMM minor requirements with your major requirements.

Speech Communication Faculty

Natalie DollarNatalie Dollar, Associate Dean, Arts & Sciences; Associate Professor
of Speech Communication