Speech Communication (Minor)


Speech Communication (COMM) at OSU-Cascades emphasizes the study of communication in interpersonal, community, group and intercultural contexts. Students taking COMM courses can expect to learn how to use communication concepts and theories as analytical and critical thinking frameworks for exploring and understanding their everyday and unique communication experiences.

The minor in Speech Communication requires three lower division courses and one upper division course. The remaining upper division courses are electives and can be taken in a combination relevant to your major. The upper division classes utilize theories, ideas and concepts of communication in an exploration of new ways of communicating. Critical thinking, written and oral communication, and collaboration are applicable skills to any major area of study, career field and your personal communication.

Speech Communication Minor Checklist
Program Learning Outcomes

COMM courses can be taken to fulfill requirements in the Baccalaureate (BACC) Core, the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Core, Liberal Studies major, Communication minor and other OSU-Cascades majors and minors. COMM courses can not be "double counted" in the major, BACC, or CLA Core.

Cascades COMM courses 2013-14

Summer 2013
COMM 328: Nonverbal Communication

Fall 2013
COMM 324: Organizational Communication
COMM 427: Cultural Codes of Communication

Winter 2014
COMM 318: Interpersonal Communication
COMM 325 (currently listed as COMM 399): Communicating Leadership

Spring 2013
COMM 312: Advanced Public Speaking

Speech Communication Faculty

Natalie DollarNatalie Dollar, Associate Dean, Arts & Sciences; Associate Professor
of Speech Communication